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Billings Ovulation Method™ Teacher Training Course

teachertrainingcourse 200Attendance at this Teacher Training Course will enable the participants to give information on the Billings Ovulation Method™ to women and  couples who wish to conceive as well as those wishing to use a natural method to avoid pregnancy. Recognition of the signs of fertility and infertility allows a woman to monitor her reproductive health. The woman who knows her own mucus patterns will be alerted early to any abnormality which requires medical management.

Once learned the Billings Ovulation Method™ can be applied to all variations throughout a woman’s reproductive life:

  • regular cycles
  • irregular cycles
  • anovular bleeding
  • effects of stress
  • after childbirth or miscarriage
  • while breastfeeding
  • approaching menopause
  • low fertility
Nurse practitioners, community health nurses and others involved in women’s reproductive health find the knowledge and skills gained through their participation in this course to be invaluable.

The Ovulation Method Research and Reference Centre of Australia Ltd is an Accredited Provider of Continuing Professional Development with the RACGP and this program has been approved as an Active Learning Module eligible for Category 1 (Women’s Health) Points.

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Dates & Details

Participants: A Program for Health Professionals and others interested in Women’s Health
Presented by: The Ovulation Method Research and Reference Centre of Australia Ltd
Date: Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd May 2015
Time: 9.30am – 5.00pm each day (lunch included)
Venue: Billings LIFE
2A/303 Burwood Highway, East Burwood VIC 315


Cost: Part 1 $200 / $100 (Student)
Part 2 $75 / $40 (Student) (part 2 can be paid later)
Participants will require:

Billings Method Book - $25.00
Teaching the BOM Part 1 - $5.00
Teaching the BOM Part 2 - $10.00
Slide Rule - $5.00
Studies on Human Reproduction - $5.00

Books will be available on first day of course.

The Course is divided into 2 parts.

Part 1

  • Attendance at 2 days of Teacher Training Course. (12 hours total)

Part 1 will give participants sufficient knowledge to give women an overview of the Billings Ovulation Method™ of natural fertility regulation so that they can begin to chart their fertility symptoms following  the guidelines of  the Billings Ovulation Method™.   Participants who desire to become teachers of the Billings Ovulation Method™ must complete Part 2.

Part 2

  • Completion of Teacher Training Questionnaire following Part 1.
  • Supervised clinical experience over 6 months. This will be arranged as either actual clinical experience or remote supervision through Billings LIFE Melbourne.
  • Attendance at one further session. (5 hours total)
  • Submission of the Case Study of at least one Billings Method user’s charting  experience as taught by the participant.

Participants satisfactorily completing Part 2 will be eligible for accreditation as a Billings Ovulation Method™ teacher. Accreditation is dependent on the applicant agreeing to teach the Billings Ovulation Method™ without variation.

Accreditation is valid for 3 years.

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  • Role of the Cervix and Hormones in Fertility
  • Charting normal cycles:
    • Identifying fertility and infertility
  • Thinking in Patterns:  
    • Basic Infertile Pattern - an unchanging pattern
    • Fertile Phase - a changing pattern
  • Charting long or irregular cycles
  • Understanding bleeding:  
    • Menstruation, withdrawal, breakthrough, implantation
  • Management, charting and discussion on:
    • Perimenopause - diminishing fertility
    • Breastfeeding - returning fertility
    • Stress cycle - interrupted fertility
    • Post Chemical Contraceptives - damaged fertility
  • Achieving Pregnancy:
    • Charting and Recognition of optimal fertility symptoms.
    • Guidelines for Achieving Pregnancy
  • Diagnostic benefits of the Billings Ovulation Method™



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